Why don't we show our phone number?Our aim is to give you the lowest possible prices for our solar products. We don't have expensive call centres, so we can pass on these savings to you. sales@solar-store.co.uk

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About Our Shop and Solar Panels

Here at the Cabin we give expert advice on the right solar panel or device for you.

We stock a wide range of Monocrystalline 12 Volt Solar Panels ranging from 5 to a massive 160 Watts of power. These are mainly designed for topping up or even recharging most motorhome or caravan leisure batteries. We also stock semi-flexi Marine panels which are designed specifically for boat decks. If you have a remote building/stables you need general power to for lights, T.V's etc.. our Solar Panels will work fine.

Generally our panels are not on display however, If your near by you may come down and collect if you wish, open six days (must call first).

You may come across many 12 volt solar panels on the internet which vary in price. Solar panels over the last five years have really come down in price, however, if some panels seem to be priced too cheap theres a reason. Believe it or not but some companies are getting away with selling an 80-watt solar panel when in fact its only a 60-watt. Also the build quality, robustness and durability of panels will also vary. We honestly believe here at The Cabin you won't find better quality solar panels at any less cost than ours. Your chosen solar panel will have to incur all weather conditions so you want a product that will last. The saying is true, you get what you pay for in this world!

Unfortunately we run many business's from our one premises so there will be no one available to give you advice on products over the phone only email. However, if you would like to purchase any of our products direct over the phone please call 01403 78 40 55. We're open six days a week unlike some other companies.